Sunday, 31 March 2013

Nerf Elite Triad EX-3 Review (15m Grey Trigger Aus Version) (Nerffan)

(Nerffan) Hi readers, today I'm proud to review one of the most unique single-shots made so far. That blaster is the Triad EX-3, from Nerf's Elite line. Unfortunately, I'm reviewing the 15m detuned version, which is 50% weaker than the more powerful US 75ft versions.

At first, the Triad was a big mystery. Since the Triad was revealed in a Youku video in mid 2012, it seemed like the Elite Jolt that was hiding the tactical vest pocket on the Retaliator and Rampage boxes, but it seemed bigger. The person in the video showcased it to be a bigger Jolt, because he used two of the barrels to reload the bottom barrel, leading everyone to think it was a Jolt with two dart holders.

Then Randomshadow09( a well-known range tester)He revealed a new Nerf concept; Smart ARs. This was the piece of information that attracted me to the Triad, along with many others.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Birthday Pressies (2013)

Title says it all. The traditional yearly post.

-Firestrike (getting insane 26m stock ranges, and 35m+ at 45 degrees)
-Avengers Big Bad Bow
-12 pack of Elite darts
Heaps of money

Vortex Ammo Belt Kit(Yay!)

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor's sonic screwdriver

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Alpha Trooper vs Raider Slam-Fire Off

I finally completed my AT vs Raider slam-fire off vid after months of procrastination.
The AT's ROF is 6.32dps, while the Raider's is 6.00dps.
I personally far prefer the AT, but some people might prefer the Raider. In any case, the point of this vid was simply to compare slam-fire speeds.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Nerf Elite "Mega" - Opinion/Rant

With the release of info and a pic of the Nerf Elite Mega line from MLD (link left), numerous thoughts come to mind, and I thought I would document them all in a single huge post.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nerf 'Elite' Jolt Mini Review

I picked up an 'Elite' Jolt for $5, wondering if it was any better than an N-Strike Jolt, or was really just a blue Jolt with fancy orange bits on the front.
As the Elite Jolt is so similar to an N-Strike Jolt, I've left some details out, but they can be found in the Jolt's review.

As made obvious by the picture above, the Elite Jolt comes in a blister package, with itself and 2 Elite darts. Pretty much the same as a regular Jolt (except of course the darts).